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The Essential Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

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For companies that utilize parts machining, die stamping, and other metal cutting as part of their operations, metal cutting techniques are a serious consideration. Afterall, this essential part of production can be the difference between s product functioning well, or it being rendered useless. Of the many methods of metal cutting, the benefits of waterjet cutting have set it apart from its alternatives, making it one of the more popular methods out there.


What is Water Jet Cutting? 

Waterjet cutting utilizes a thin but powerful jet of water mixed with garnet abrasive in order to cut through a wide variety of surfaces. This includes not only metal surfaces but plastic, wood, copper, tile, rubber, granite, and even foam.  This versatility makes it well-suited for a wide range of industries from forgery to aerospace science. 


What are the Advantages of Water Jet Cutting?  


Cold Cutting 

Waterjet cutting is a cold working process. Because it does not require heating up the metal, the pitfalls that come from hot working can be avoided.  This includes weakened surface strength, potential contamination issues, and an aesthetic degradation of the surface’s finish. Cold cutting also has a higher dimensional accuracy than hotworking, adding to waterjet cutting’s precision.


No Need for Secondary Processing 

Other processes, such as laser cutting, cause distortions when used to cut through materials because of the temperature of the beam. Because of this, secondary processing is needed in order to get the material ready for further use. Because waterjet cutting uses water, there are no distortions to the surface and no secondary processing is needed in most instances. This saves your operation both materials and costs in the long run. 



Waterjet cutting can be used with or without abrasive. Pure waterjet cutting is so sanitary that is used to cut food on an industrial scale. Not only is the process safe for the material being cut, it’s safe for the surrounding area.  Unlike other metal cutting methods, waterjet cutting does not produce hazardous fumes or vapor, allowing for a safer work environment to those running the machinery. 


Whether your company specializes in creating signs to advertise businesses or in creating the energy-producing technology to power them, having access to effective metal cutting is essential. Rapid WaterJet Design has all the waterjet cutting services your company needs to keep your operations running smoothly.

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