Rapid Water Jet Design
Knows Prototyping

Using a variety of materials, RWD can bring your thoughts and ideas to reality. CNC machining and waterjet cutting create accurate, high-quality products while remaining inexpensive and retaining custom dimensions. Our quick turnaround time allows for you to keep productions running smoothly. 

The design for your part gets entered into our production program and your prototype comes to life through our machines. This efficient and cost-saving process eliminates human error to provide you with a final product that meets your quality standards, every time.

Benefits of
Rapid Prototyping

  1. Accurate
    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and waterjet cuttings eliminate human errors in fabrication. Our calibrated equipment produces accurate, consistent products every time.

  2. Fast
    Our machines have quick turnaround times, allowing you to keep production running. We quickly upload designs and create edits for you right on our computer for easy changes and short lead times on products manufactured within hours.

  3. Customizable
    Prototyping with our computer programs allows you to fully customize your product including the size, relative dimensions, and materials used. Need some changes made? That’s not a problem with our programs. We plug in any changes you need to make to your prototype, and our machines quickly and easily produce your new design, hassle-free.

  4. Affordable
    The less time spent manufacturing your product is more money in your pocket. Without the need for a multitude of different tools and human labor costs, prototyping with CNC machines and waterjet gets your product to you in a cost-effective manner.


Rapid prototyping is precise, cost-effective, and produces minimal waste. It provides greater flexibility in your design options for speedy development.


Many rapid prototyping machines such as CNC machines are more expensive than others like 3D printing. CNC machines also have certain drawbacks such as their inability to have sharp interior corners due to the shape of the mills.