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5 Axis CNC

These CNC machining centers are able to rotate on two additional axes (compared to the three axis) for cutting three dimensional objects without having to re-position.

A five axis CNC machining center has the ability to machine five sides of a cube at one time as well as complex surfaces that are unobtainable in a three or four axis machine.

Vs. 3 Axis CNC

3 Axis

The three axis CNC machining center is among the most common.

Vs. 4 Axis CNC

4 Axis

The fourth axis introduced to this machining center allows it to rotate around the vertical axis. These are often chosen for work on a CNC lathe for mill work or in advanced 3D machining.

We Do CNC Machining Right

Our CNC Services

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Utilizing top of the line Hurco machines, our CNC milling capabilities offer you quick turnaround for your CNC milled prototype and production parts.


High-quality precision turned prototype and production parts compatible with a wide variety of materials and finishes.

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The Benefits of CNC Machining

Technology should help you, not get in your way. Our mills and lathes minimize tedious and redundant tasks so each job can be more productive and profitable. CNC Machining yields consistent, quality products, decreases the risk of human error, can be easily reprogrammed, and can create designs that are impossible by manual means.

Our 5 axis machines allow RWD the ability to greatly reduce part cost over a standard 3 axis machine with a 3+2 part as it eliminates multiple setups. In tandem with less set up, It also lets us maintain a much higher accuracy with our parts as there is far less room for human error. Our 5 axis machines paired with the latest version of Mastercam gives RWD the ability to make extremely complex parts with surfaces a standard 3 or 4 axis machines could never feasibly do. Our 5 axis machines also come equipped with glass scales on all axis where standard machines do not. This always ensures the accuracy of the machine no matter what.

Cost Effective




Control Technology

Easy to Operate

Built to Last


CNC Machining yields consistent, quality products, decreases risk of human error, can be easily reprogrammed, and can create designs that are impossible by manual means.


CNC machining can be more costly than manually operated machines, and calls for less skilled employees which may result in the need to retrench or reduce some of your staff.

CNC Applications

CNC Machining can be applied in several different ways to produce high-quality parts, ranging from one-offs to full scale part production.

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